Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo Names Russell T. Ippolito, Jr. To Lead

April 20, 2007 – Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the appointment of Russell T. Ippolito, Jr., as Assistant Attorney General in Charge of the Buffalo Regional Office.

Russ Ippolito has served as an Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau for the past seven years. During that time, Ippolito prosecuted white collar crimes and was one of four prosecutors statewide to prosecute environmental crimes.

Prior to joining the Office of the Attorney General, Ippolito served as Second Assistant County Attorney at the Erie County Attorney’s Office, where he led the county’s civil litigation bureau. In that capacity, Ippolito represented the Erie County in the historic nationwide tobacco settlement securing $548 million in tobacco funds for the county. Ippolito was appointed to the position in 1997 by then-County Executive Dennis Gorski.

Ippolito began his career in 1990 at the Erie County District Attorney’s Office where he served with distinction for almost eight years under former District Attorney Kevin M. Dillon, and current District Attorney Frank J. Clark.

“I am pleased to appoint a veteran prosecutor like Russ to this important post,” said Attorney General Cuomo. “He brings a wealth of experience and professionalism and I am happy to have him in a leadership role. Russ is one of the many high-caliber individuals at the Attorney General’s Office, and he will serve the Western New York community well.”

“I want to thank Attorney General Cuomo for this opportunity,” Ippolito said. “The Attorney General has announced a very ambitious agenda and has set clear priorities for the office. I look forward to working on these priorities, which include the ongoing investigation of the student loan industry and the effort to assist the Erie County District Attorney’s Office with a backlog of unsolved homicides.”

Ippolito will manage the Attorney General’s largest regional office, which consists of more than twenty attorneys and a support staff of more than sixty individuals.