Attorney General Cuomo Announces Doctor Ranking Agreement With Third Largest Health Insurer In U.s.

NEW YORK, NY (November 13, 2007) – Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced an agreement for doctor ranking programs with Aetna (NYSE: AET), the third largest health insurer in the country with over 16 million members nationwide. Aetna is the second insurer to adopt the Attorney General’s model and is the first to apply it nationwide.

“Choosing a doctor is obviously a very important decision and the information health care companies provide to consumers must be fair and complete. Health insurance companies are beginning to realize if they want to implement a doctor ranking program, they should adopt our national model, which is supported not just by insurers, but also by national physician and consumer groups,” said Cuomo. “I commend Aetna for being among the first to step forward and I encourage other insurance companies who are considering doctor ranking programs to follow Aetna’s example.”

“Aetna is proud to be among the first insurance companies to adopt the Attorney General’s national model and to be the first to work with consumer groups to apply the principles of the agreement nationally to our program,” said Troyen A. Brennan, M.D., Aetna’s chief medical officer. “We are committed to providing our members with a physician performance evaluation program that is easy to understand and takes into account the input of participating physicians. Thanks to the Attorney General, we now have the ability to strengthen our program to make it consistent with a model across insurance carriers to the benefit of all consumers that is accurate, transparent and fair for all parties. Aetna is committed to transparency of information to physicians, members and employers who purchase health plans.”