Leading Sweepstakes Company To Make Major Changes In Disclosures

Attorney General Spitzer today announced an agreement with a Westchester County pharmaceutical firm settling charges that the company made false claims about its lice treatment products.

"My office is dedicated to upholding the highest possible standards in advertising to ensure consumers make decisions based upon complete and accurate information," Spitzer said. "It is especially important to monitor the health and safety claims for products generally associated with children."

Hogil Pharmaceutical Corporation of Purchase markets lice control products, including A200 Lice Killing Shampoo, A200 Innomed Lice-comb and A200 Lice Control Spray.

The Attorney General's Office had alleged that Hogil had made exaggerated and deceptive claims about efficacy and safety of its lice control products. Under the agreement, Hogil will distribute modified versions of its advertisements of the lice control products. The agreement also provides for $10,000 to cover the costs of the investigation.

Specifically, Hogil has agreed to the following advertising restrictions:

  • Refrain from representing the Maximum Strength A200 Lice Killing Shampoo as safe unless it is clearly disclosed that a consumer should read the label's important safety information regarding use by persons with certain allergies to ragweed and chrysanthemums;

  • Cease representing that A200 Dual Patented Egg Removal Comb and A200 Innomed Lice-comb are 100 percent effective for egg removal, unless and until the claim is actually substantiated;

  • Cease representing that A200 Lice Control Spray, a pesticide product, is safe to humans, animals or the environment;

  • Cease representing that the spray is a drug; and,

  • Cease representing that its lice control products are recommended by health officials or pharmacists, unless that is, in fact, the case.

This case was handled by Assistant Attorney General Joy Feigenbaum of the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau and Michael Surgan, Chief Scientist of the Environmental Protection Bureau.