Settlement With Brooklyn Nursing School To Provide Refunds To Students

Attorney General Spitzer today announced a settlement with a Brooklyn nursing school that misrepresented the services provided and the qualifications of the instructors who taught at the school. The settlement will change the way the school does business and provide refunds for students.

The settlement ends a two-year investigation which found that since 1993 the London Agency, Inc., located at 193 State St., and its owner Roy London, targeted Caribbean immigrants and others with false advertisements offering a program promising that enrollees would earn an Associate's Degree in nursing and become a registered nurse. The company, which operates under the names London Tutorial Service and London Preparatory Program, also falsely claimed that it was affiliated with a state-certified and accredited nursing program known as the Regents College. In fact, the London Agency was not affiliated with any accredited nursing program and is not authorized to award degrees in nursing.

The Attorney General's office also found that London's program did not live up to its representations that students would receive the classroom training and clinical experience necessary for a nursing degree. London placed students with little or no significant experience in the same classes as students with advanced clinical backgrounds and provided no actual hands-on clinical experience. Students paid more that $300 per course, with the total amount paid per student ranging from $800 to as much as $3,100.

Under the settlement, the company is required to:

  • stop misrepresenting that it is a state certified nursing program or that it is affiliated with an accredited nursing program;
  • stop misrepresenting the services it provides and the qualifications needed to obtain a nursing degree;
  • give refunds to consumers who did not receive the services promised or who were dissatisfied with the London program and who took but did not pass the exams to obtain a nursing degree;and
  • pay $7,500 in costs and penalties to the state.

Individuals wishing to file a complaint against London Agency, Inc., d/b/a "London Tutorial Service," and "London Preparatory Program," should contact the Attorney General's office at (800)771-7755 or go to the website at Claims for reimbursement must be submitted by December 5, 2002.

This case was handled by Assistant Attorney General Lois Booker-Williams and Assistant Attorney General Philip Grant of the Attorney General's Brooklyn Regional Office.

Attorney General Spitzer provided the following advice and information to consumers interested in becoming registered nurses:

  • Persons seeking to become registered nurses should check the New York State Department of Education's Inventory of Registered Programs at (518) 486-2967 to find out which programs are registered by the State Education Department. The information can be found on the department's website at You can also obtain more information by calling the State Education Department at (518) 486- 2967.
  • Persons seeking to become registered nurses should also contact the New York State Department of Education to ensure that they understand the requirements for obtaining a nursing license. They can be found at the department's web site at or by calling (518) 474-3817.