Spitzer Statement On The 9-11 Anniversary

One year ago today, our state and nation suffered the worst terrorist attack in our country's history. On this solemn occasion, we mourn the innocent lives that were lost.

At the same time, we can take inspiration from many sources. In this regard, one enduring image of this disaster was the self-sacrificing devotion to duty of our firefighters, police officers and other rescue and law enforcement personnel. Their heroism will always be remembered.

Similarly, we are extremely proud of the members of the armed forces who responded with speed and courage to defend us at home and abroad.

Another remarkably positive development came in the days after the attack, when millions of Americans made generous contributions to the relief effort.

Finally, and perhaps most poignantly, today we remember the survivors; we respect and admire their determination and resolve. They have found the strength to persevere and rebuild, and in the process provided an inspiration and example to all of us.

Although September 11th was a terrible day, it also demonstrated the best in the human spirit and provided a new sense of national purpose, unity and service. In the days ahead, we must be steadfast in our commitment to pursue justice, bringing honor to the memory of those lost last September.