Spitzer Urges Firestone To Change Tire Replacement Policy

Attorney General Spitzer is calling on Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. to immediately change its tire replacement policy for its recalled Firestone tires.

In full page ads in major newspapers today, including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, the company says that this is the last day that it will reimburse consumers for replacing its tires with those of its competitors.

The announcement comes despite the company admitting that it could take months before it has the inventory to replace all of its defective tires.

"Because Firestone doesn't have enough replacement stock on hand, the company's announcement is patently unfair" said Spitzer.

"The Firestone policy leaves consumers with a terrible choice- either continue to wait for replacement tires at a Firestone dealer, which could take months, or, go to a competitor and pay for the replacement tires out of their own pocket. Firestone should step up to the plate and do the right and responsible thing by its customers."

Spitzer is urging Firestone to continue to pay for the cost of replacement tires from its competitors until all Firestone dealers have enough stock on hand to immediately meet all requests for new tires.

"Throughout this problem, it seems Firestone has done everything it can to erode consumer confidence in the company and its products," said Spitzer.

"First, the company discriminated against most of its consumers by limiting the initial recall to four Southern states. Now, it sets forth a replacement policy which expires on the same day that it's announced. Firestone could write a manual on how not to handle a safety recall."

Attorneys in Spitzer's office spoke with, and wrote to company officials earlier today, urging them to change the replacement policy.