Statement From Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo On Bellport Shooting

"Today's incident illustrates the dramatic and devastating consequences imitation guns can have for citizens and law enforcement officials alike. What happened today could have been prevented. The laws of this State clearly prohibit the sale of imitation guns unless they are distinctively marked to make them unmistakable for real guns. The importance of that law was tragically underscored today.

My office recently announced a statewide investigation that uncovered systemic violations of this law at stores in every corner of the state, including Suffolk County. We sent out more than 500 cease-and-desist letters, ordering retailers to get these illegal imitation weapons off their shelves and away from our streets.

Let today reinforce what was clear then - these violations of the law can be a matter of life and death. Together with local law enforcement, we will work tirelessly to prevent the proliferation of dangerous imitation weapons and to root out any offenders who put our communities, our families, and our law enforcement officers at risk."