Statement From Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo In Response To Today's Nrc Ruling On Indian Point

Today, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s three-judge Atomic Safety and Licensing Board required a hearing on the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plants. The Board agreed with New York State that there are 11 issues of disputed law and fact which require a full hearing and granted New York State full party status. Under the leadership of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, New York State filed a 312 page petition in November 2007, jointly submitted with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, requesting a hearing on an array of issues. The Attorney General’s office also presented oral argument to the Board for over a three day period in February. Today’s ruling means that the Indian Point relicensing hearing will be the broadest and fullest inquiry into a relicensing for a nuclear power plant ever held by the NRC.

“Today’s ruling is a huge step forward in the fight to protect communities across the Hudson Valley and New York metropolitan area from potential environmental catastrophes,” said Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. “However, this represents only the first step in a long journey - a journey in which we expect Entergy and even the NRC’s own staff to oppose us at every step along the road. My office is prepared to fight tooth and nail against the relicensing of Indian Point, as well as the federal government’s pitiful enforcement of nuclear safety issues.”