Statement By Attorney General Regarding Decision In Utica Clinic Access Case

Today's decision is extremely important because it is the first to establish how New York's new clinic access law preserves constitutionally protected medical services and protects the safety of employees at health care facilities.

This case was not about silencing people wishing to voice their opinion. However, it was about responding vigorously when individuals repeatedly crossed the line from vigorous advocacy to physical obstruction and harassment.

Judge Hurd's decision to establish a buffer zone outside Utica Planned Parenthood will protect patients and staff at that facility from the defendants' unlawful obstructive activity, and his decision to impose statutory damages and civil penalties on them makes clear that this type of unlawful conduct will not be tolerated.

Judge Hurd's ruling will protect the medical well-being of women seeking services and the safety of workers at reproductive health care clinics throughout the state.