CLE conference - Buffalo

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has made it a priority to fight fraud against the government. In his first weeks in office, Attorney General Schneiderman announced an aggressive plan to root out fraud and return money illegally stolen from New York taxpayers and their government. Schneiderman’s newly-formed "Taxpayer Protection Bureau" (TPB) cracks down on targets including: firms that rip-off government pension funds, contractors that over-bill taxpayers, and large-scale tax cheats; and encourage and work with whistle-blowers to expose corruption.

The Taxpayer Protection Bureau primarily makes use of the False Claims Act — a powerful law that empowers the Attorney General, local governments and whistle-blowers to bring actions against anyone that defrauds the government Under the False Claims Act, the Attorney General or a local government can bring a civil action against anyone who defrauds the state or a local government with a false or fraudulent claim, record or statement. The government is entitled to triple damages plus mandatory civil penalties.

Critically, the False Claims Act also affords whistle-blowers the power to bring a special type of legal action on behalf of New York State or a New York State local government. Whistle-blowers are potentially eligible for up to 30% of the amount of fraud ultimately recovered by the government.

On October 13, 2011, Attorney General Schneiderman is pleased to host a CLE-Certified Symposium entitled "Blowing the Whistle on Fraud Against the Government" in Buffalo, New York. The program will feature state and federal prosecutors discussing the False Claims Act with a focus on its provisions empowering whistle-blowers.

The program will take place at the Erie County Bar Association at 438 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14202. To reserve a seat at the conference, please call Valerie Patrick at 212-416-6012 or email

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