Northern Leasing Lawsuit FAQs Northern Leasing Lawsuit FAQs

Important Information about the New York State Attorney General’s Lawsuit against Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.

Help For Homeowners Help For Homeowners

Find out more about HOPP, the AG’s commitment to fund housing counseling and legal services for struggling New York homeowners.

Land Bank Community Revitalization

Learn about the Attorney General's commitment of $33M to fund “land banks” in communities hit hard by the housing crisis.


Learn more about “I-STOP,” a new online system to track prescription drugs. If you suspect a medical professional is illegally overprescribing, please report it here.

Secure Our Smartphones (S.O.S.)

Find out more about this coalition working to urge the smartphone industry to eliminate the secondhand market for stolen devices and deter violent thefts.

Animal Protection

Read more about the Attorney General’s effort to target allegations of animal cruelty and unscrupulous sales of pets and other animals.

Human Trafficking

Read more about the Attorney General's task force to combat sex and labor trafficking and to provide needed support and assistance to trafficking victims.

NY Open Government

Learn more about a website that helps promote transparency and good government.

Taxpayer Protection

Learn more about the Attorney General’s plan to root out fraud and return money illegally stolen from New York State taxpayers.

Pennies for Charity

Learn more about how charities, fundraisers, grantmakers are administering/handling money from the public.

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

Find out about the Attorney General’s effort to crack down on individuals and companies responsible for Medicaid fraud.

Immigration Services Fraud

Information on how to avoid fraudulent attorneys or service providers who target the immigrant community.

Religious Rights

Learn more about the A.G.'s initiative to address religious freedom violations & ensure that anti-discrimination laws are enforced.

Free Educational Programs

See our list of free educational programs and invite a representative from the Attorney General's Office to your community.

Debt Settlement & Collection

Information on debt settlement and collection companies, including your rights and what the Attorney General is doing to clean up the industry.

Mortgage Settlement

Find out more information for New York homeowners about the national mortgage servicing settlement over foreclosure abuses.

Volkswagen Emissions Investigation Volkswagen Emissions Investigation

The New York State Attorney General's Office’s is one of the leaders of an investigation by more than 40 States into Volkswagen’s diesel vehicles.

Conviction Review Bureau

Learn about the Attorney General's new Conviction Review Bureau, a first-of-its-kind initiative to address issues related to wrongful convictions across New York State.