Fake Comments

The Office of the New York State Attorney General is investigating whether public comments regarding net neutrality rules wrongfully used New Yorkers’ identities without their consent.* We encourage you to search the FCC’s public comment website and tell us if you see any comments that misuse your name and address.

First, search below to find any comments that may have misused your identity.

If results appear, click on any comment that uses your name, and when the comment appears review the name, the address, and the comment text. (If no results appear, your identity most likely was not misused.)

The search will open a new tab, so make sure to click back to this page if you find a comment submitted without your consent.


* As of October 2018, ongoing analysis by the New York Attorney General’s Office has determined that as many as 9.6 million comments may have used stolen identities (a breakdown by state and zip code is here).