Animal Protection Initiative

Fighting animal cruelty is both a consumer protection issue and a public safety issue. The New York State Office of the Attorney General's Animal Protection Initiative is aimed at shutting down criminal animal fighting rings, protecting consumers from unscrupulous pet sellers, and encouraging consumers to report animal cruelty to their local law enforcement agencies and/or their local SPCA.

The Initiative aims at ensuring compliance with New York State's Pet Lemon Law, which is designed to safeguard the public and to ensure the humane treatment of dogs and cats by requiring pet dealers to guarantee the good health of any such animal sold by a pet dealer to a consumer. The Initiative also uses civil and criminal remedies to target allegations of animal fighting rings.

The Initiative is comprised of Investigators and Assistant Attorneys General from across the entire state, including from our Regional Offices, the Consumer Frauds Bureau, the Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau, the Organized Crime Task Force and the Investigations Bureau, who will work to bring the perpetrators of these and other animal crimes to justice.