How To Participate


July 15, 2014: Priority Funding Deadline

December 31, 2014: Receipt Submission Deadline

1. Be a Participant in the US Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program

In order to be eligible to receive funding through the inVEST Partnership, your agency must be registered in the US Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program. If your agency is already enrolled in the program, you will be required to certify your participation in your application. To see if your agency is registered on the agency compliance list, please refer to the DOJ’s website.

If you are not currently registered for the program, enrolling in the federal program is free and does not require staffing or other commitments from your department other than filing an annual report to the federal government. You can enroll by filling out and submitting an application available online. You will be required to submit proof of your application to the program to the OAG. Agencies not enrolled in the DOJ Equitable Sharing Program will not be considered for funding.

2. Complete Application By July 15, 2014

To be considered for funding, each agency must complete and submit an application to the inVEST Partnership by July 15, 2014. Any applications received after July 15 will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis only if funding allows. In the application, we ask agencies to provide basic information so that the OAG can  assess need and ensure equitable distribution of funding to agencies across New York.  Prior to completing the application, applying agencies should:

  • Assess Bulletproof Vest Need

Law enforcement agencies will be required to show their bulletproof vest need in the application, including the current state of bulletproof vest inventory. This includes determining what vests are set to expire for safe use within the year, the number of incoming officers needing a new vest, and the number of current officers without a vest.

  • Determine Budget Considerations

Law enforcement agencies will be required to outline internal and external funding sources for bulletproof vests in the application. You should review your agency’s budget for Fiscal Year 2015 to determine what money has been allocated for vest purchases as well as note funding requested from the federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership.

  • Obtain Vest Pricing

Law enforcement agencies will be asked to provide an approximate cost of anticipated vest needs in the application. Agencies should contact vendors directly to obtain a price quote encompassing total costs of requested vest purchase. Total costs include the cost of vests, vest carriers, attachments, inserts, and covers considered essential for proper care, use and wearability of each respective vest. Total cost also include costs associated with proper fitting, as well as shipping, handling, and applicable taxes.

3. Await Notification For Awards

Within 30 to 60 days of the application deadline, the OAG will notify every agency that applies whether they were selected to receive funding as part of the inVEST Partnership. Your notification of award will detail the level of reimbursement your agency will receive for vest purchase, which will be up to 50 percent of the total costs of your proposed vest order. Do not make your requested vest purchase prior to receiving notification from the OAG. 

4. Complete Purchase of Bulletproof vests

After notification of award, law enforcement can complete the vest order detailed in its application. The OAG will not reimburse any amount greater than specified in the award letter. Be sure to retain all receipts and invoices associated with the purchase of vests.

5. Submit Receipts by December 31, 2014

After you complete the vest purchase, you must submit all applicable receipts and invoices to the OAG before December 31, 2014. The OAG will have a webpage where your agency can submit receipts electronically or receipts can also be emailed Once your receipts have been processed, your agency will mailed a check with the reimbursement amount. If your agency does not submit receipts for vests by December 31, 2014 or make other arrangements with the OAG, your funding will be allocated to another law enforcement agency or put back into the competitive funding pool (even if you have already purchased bulletproof vests).