Office of the Attorney General CAMS Program

What is the CAMS program?

The CAMS (Capture an Account of a Material Situation) Program is an Office of the Attorney General grant funding program to support the creation or expansion of body-worn camera programs for eligible law enforcement agencies throughout New York State. CAMS dedicates $2 million of funds seized as crime proceeds from joint federal and state criminal investigations to fund the purchase of body-worn cameras.

What law enforcement agencies are “eligible” for the CAMS program?

  • The agency must have between 130-3000 sworn officers
  • The agency must be a local town, city or county police agency (not a state agency)
  • The agency must submit the online application by September 7, 2018
  • The agency must participate in the U.S. Department of Justice Equitable Sharing Program
  • The agency must be able to secure a 25% cash match to the CAMS grant.

What is reimbursed under the CAMS program?

  • The cost of body-worn cameras, up to the grant award amount.
  • Applicants may request no more than $2,250.00 for each camera to be deployed in their body-worn camera program, up to the applicable grant award amount.
  • Funds may not be used for line-item data storage costs, which can only be covered with matching funds.
  • Body-worn camera systems that are bundled or sold as software-as-a-service (SAAS) with no line-item distinction to data storage costs are permissible for award funding.

Will the CAMS Program supply participating law enforcement agencies with body-worn cameras?

No. It is the responsibility of participating law enforcement agencies to procure the body-worn cameras. Once the agency receives notification of a CAMS grant award, the agency can procure body-worn cameras up to the grant amount, subject to the maximum reimbursable cost of $2,250.00 per body-worn camera, and submit receipts and other required documentation (such as cash match documentation) for reimbursement to the OAG.

How do law enforcement agencies apply to the CAMS Program?

Your agency must complete the online application by September 7,2018.

Do participating law enforcement agencies have to submit receipts to the OAG for reimbursement?

Yes, all participating agencies must submit receipts for body-worn cameras. Body-worn cameras should not be purchased until CAMS grant awards are announced.

If money was allocated to the agency to purchase body-worn cameras in the most recent municipal budget, can it count toward the 25% match?

Yes. If the municipality allocated money to the agency to create or expand a body-worn camera program in the most recent municipal budget, it can count toward the 25% match. However, the OAG grant cannot be used to purchase cameras that the agency has already committed to purchase through that budget allocation. The grant from the OAG must be used to purchase additional body-worn cameras beyond what has already been announced by the agency.

How is the OAG paying for the program?

The OAG has allocated $2 million in forfeiture money to fund this program. When there is a forfeiture from a joint federal-OAG operation, federal law allows state agencies that participated in the investigation or prosecution to keep funds left over after restitution and a federal share are subtracted. Under federal guidelines, agencies can use federal forfeiture funds for law enforcement training and equipment.

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