Employment Discrimination Laws

New Yorkers are protected against employment discrimination under federal, state and local laws. The laws make it unlawful to refuse to hire, terminate, fail to promote, pay less, or otherwise treat employees or job applicants differently because of their race, national origin, gender, religion, disability and other protected categories.

Federal, state and local law protects individuals from employment discrimination in different ways. Some of these laws are described below. For information on whether a specific employment discrimination law applies to you, or if you believe you have been the victim of discrimination, call the Civil Rights Bureau at (212) 416-8250.

Independent of which anti-discrimination law may apply, anyone who believes they have been the victim of discrimination should also follow the employer’s internal complaint process for reporting discrimination within your place of employment. Failure to utilize the internal complaint process may negatively affect your legal claims.

It is also important to keep good records of all incidents of discrimination and all complaints that you make. If making an internal complaint of discrimination, memorialize it in writing.