Foreign Calls

Dear New Yorker:

Visiting a foreign country can be fun and rewarding.

Unfortunately, contacting friends and loved ones in the United States from the country you are visiting can be a problem.

New Yorkers have complained to our office that they were unable to use their long distance carriers during trips abroad, or that they were charged extremely high long distance rates by foreign carriers.

To avoid these problems, learn how to use your long distance carrier in the country you are visiting before you travel.

If you have a problem with your telephone bill or want to learn more about making calls from foreign countries, call or write to:

Office of the New York Attorney General
The State Capitol 
Albany, New York 12224 

Remember that telephone systems in other countries may be very different from what you are used to in the United States. Calls from other countries can be hard to make or very expensive.

Ask your long distance carrier for help before you travel. Most long distance carriers have ways to reach an English-speaking operator from another country. 
Your carrier may need a few days to get this information to you, so plan ahead.

Carry the calling information from your long distance carrier during your trip. This way, you will be able to contact your long distance carrier whenever you need to.

Keep track of the long distance phone calls you make during your trip. If a billing problem arises, you should have a clear record of where and when you called, and how long you spoke.