Megan's Law

Dear New Yorker:

Children in New York State are safer today from sexual predators than ever before thanks to Megan's Law.

Simply put, Megan's Law gives parents the upper hand to protect their children from sexual predators.

We urge you to use the Megan's Law Hotline to seek specific information about a registered sex offender living in your area.

Be advised, however, that you will be asked to provide the name, address or other forms of identifying information about the individual when you call.

Forwarned is forearmed, and we believe that Megan's Law gives the residents of New York State the information they need to keep their children from the grasp of sexual predators

There are more than 14,000 convicted sex offenders registered in New York State under the Sex Offender Registration Act, better known as "Megan's Law."

Under Megan's Law, sex offenders are required to register with the State after conviction, or if they serve time in prison, upon their release, and notify the registry when they relocate. Sex offenders who move to New York from another state also must register.

Megan's Law creates 3 levels of sex offenders: Level 1 (low risk), Level 2 (moderate risk), and Level 3 (high risk). Local law enforcement decides whether to notify the public about Level 2 and 3 offenders. No information may be given out about Level 1 offenders.

The public may inquire about registered sex offenders by asking your local police or calling:


Megan’s Law Hotline

8a.m.-5 p.m., Mon-Fri
or Website
No charge