Online? Stay on Guard

Dear New Yorker:

New technology means new opportunities for consumers, investors, businesses and, unfortunately, for scam artists.

When you surf the Internet, don’t even think about giving money to an individual or business unless you’re sure they’re legitimate. Be very cautious about giving out bank account numbers, phone numbers and dates of birth over the Internet.

Know how the information will be used, and whether it will be transmitted and maintained securely.

The National Fraud Information Center can help you steer clear of pitfalls. Contact them at

Or contact our office at:

Office of the New York Attorney General 
The State Capitol 
Albany, New York 12224 

Money doesn’t grow on the Internet. Scam artists make it sound like you can earn money or fix bad credit with the click of a mouse. Don’t believe it.

Talk is cheap. But on-line "chats" can cost you! Beware of cyber-pals who tell you about a great product or service. Your new "buddies" may be making money by convincing people to buy.

"Act Now." Don’t be lured by high pressure tactics. Reputable businesses making legitimate offers seldom require you to make an instantaneous decision.

Do your homework. Some "work at home" opportunities only make money for the organizers. Beware!

Be wary of "inside" info. Watch for investment opportunities based on "inside information." Insider trading is illegal.