Snowplowing and Snow Removal

Dear New Yorker:

As the winter season approaches, many New Yorkers will look to professionals to clear their driveways, storefronts, and parking lots of snow and ice.

Although most snowplowing and snow removal service owners and operators are honest, hardworking people, misunderstandings can often lead to disputes and, sometimes, even litigation.

There is no sure-fire way to completely avoid problems, but there are ways to protect yourself. In this regard, I am providing these tips to help consumers avoid unnecessary disputes and difficulties.

In situations where you believe that your snow plowing-removal contractor has not upheld his/her part of the bargain, feel free to call our consumer help line at (800) 771-7755 for assistance.

Get It In Writing! Be sure to get all services, restrictions as well as any obligations of the homeowner and the contractor clearly defined in writing.

Watch out for additional fees. Ask about additional charges for services during and after severe snow storms.

Check It Out! Ask for and contact at least three references provided by the snowplower.

Check with your local Better Business Bureau.

Avoid large up-front deposits. Periodic payments ensure that customers are not paying for services not provided by contractors.

Refund Policies. Be sure to get the contractor's refund policy in writing.

Contact the Attorney General's Office. If you believe your snowplowing contractor is not upholding their part of the deal, we're here to help.