Switching or Canceling Your Long-Distance Telephone Service


Consumers have a choice as to which company will provide their long distance telephone service. Consumers can also choose to have no long-distance service at all.

How do I confirm if I have long-distance service?

Even if you do not make long-distance calls, you might have long-distance service.

  • Call your local telephone company and ask which company, if any, provides your long-distance service. The phone number of your local telephone company appears on your monthly bill.
  • You can also dial 1-700-555-4141 from your home telephone. This is a toll-free number that identifies the long-distance carrier, if any, that is connected to that line.

What should I know before I decide whether to switch long distance companies?

If you are thinking about switching from one long-distance company to another, take the time to compare prices.

  • Pay particular attention to whether minimum monthly fees are applicable (some companies' plans charge a set amount even in months when no long distance calls are made, but other calling plans do not).

How can I switch my long-distance company?

If you decide to change to a different long-distance company:

  • Contact the new long-distance company you have chosen (either by phone, Internet or mail) and they will assist you in signing up for their service.
  • If you change companies by phone, you will be connected to your local telephone company to verify that the subscriber has authorized this change of long distance company. The local company then will notify your current long-distance company of the change.

How can I cancel my long-distance service?

If you wish to cancel your long-distance service completely (have no long distance calling plan), you must:

  • Contact your local telephone company to remove the assignment to your old long distance company.
  • Until your long-distance company receives notification of cancellation from your local company, you will continue to have long-distance service and will be subject to your current long-distance company's applicable rates and charges.
  • A few days after you have switched or cancelled your long-distance service, you should confirm that the switch or cancellation has been carried out. You can do this either by calling 1-700-555-4141 or by calling your local company.