COVID-19 Visitor Policy

For the health and safety of our employees and the public, visitors are welcome to schedule a visit to an OAG office for essential business only at this time.

Per OAG COVID-19 Safety Procedures, scheduled visitors will need to show proof of full vaccination or a negative test, as detailed below, to an OAG staff member prior to or upon entry to an OAG office.

Scheduled Visitors

• Scheduled visitors who are fully vaccinated can show either a paper vaccination card, a photo of their vaccination card, or their Excelsior Pass. The proof must indicate two shots of Moderna or Pfizer, or one shot of J&J/Janssen, and that the date of the last vaccination was 2 or more weeks ago. If the proof does not meet this criteria (e.g., the visitor only received one shot of Moderna/Pfizer, or it has not been two weeks since the last shot), the visitor is not considered fully vaccinated and can instead provide proof of a negative test as outlined below.

• Scheduled visitors who are not fully vaccinated can show a paper or electronic copy of a negative COVID-19 PCR test from the prior 3 days.

Unscheduled Visitors

• Vendors and unscheduled visitors must wear a mask if entering an OAG office space.

• Unscheduled visitors are welcome to visit OAG offices and use a service window for in-person assistance. The OAG will also continue to provide resources to unscheduled visitors via the phone and e-mail. Regional offices have posted information directing unscheduled visitors to appropriate phone numbers and forms, as well as information about service to the OAG, for visitors interested in that option.

• Unscheduled visitors that cannot be helped at a service window and cannot provide proof of full vaccination or negative test may need to speak with OAG staff members outside the office space or may need to be referred to a future scheduled visit, phone call, or advised to visit our website. For those referred to a future scheduled visit, they will continue to be subject to the vaccination or testing policy detailed above.

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining a safe work environment for our dedicated public service employees, visitors, and our communities.