Attorney General Funding for Environmental Benefit Projects

In legal settlements of environmental enforcement investigations and lawsuits, the Office of the Attorney General may obtain money from the target to fund projects to mitigate harm to public health or the environment in New York, or to improve New York's environment.  Typically, where funds are provided for environmental mitigation or improvements (often termed "Environmental Benefit Projects" or simply, "EBPs"), the settlement agreement specifies the type of projects for which the funding may be used.

When dedicating EBP monies to projects, the Office of the Attorney General seeks to use the funding as a catalyst for environmental improvements, thereby maximizing the benefits provided by the funding.  Accordingly, where possible, the office looks to fund models or demonstration projects that can be replicated elsewhere to address environmental priorities.  For example, the New York State Attorney General has dedicated $400,000 obtained from a settlement under the federal Clean Air Act against a power plant company to establish the "Adirondack Acid Rain Recovery Program," a grant program that will fund projects aimed at demonstrating the most efficient and effective methods of reversing acid rain's continuing harms to the Adirondack environment.   (For more information on this program, please contact the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) at 518-862-1090 or 1-866-NYSERDA).

The Office of the Attorney General welcomes proposals from the public on projects to receive funding from uncommitted monies obtained from the above legal settlement(s).  If you have such a proposal, we ask that you submit your name and contact information along with a short (2-page maximum) description of the proposal project that addresses the following:

  • Project summary, including need;
  • Objectives and specific goals; 
  • Implementers, including project partners;
  • Methodology and general work plan, including timeline;
  • Measurable and transferable project outcomes; and
  • Proposed budget

Project proposals should be submitted to the Office of Attorney General's Environmental Protection Bureau at