Beware! Target List Of Names

As a result of an investigation into immigration services fraud, the following individuals have entered into an Assurance of Discontinuance (“AOD”) with the Office of the Attorney General. Pursuant to the AOD, these individuals are prohibited from providing any immigration related service to the public.

Ruth A. Shalom
Isaac Shalom
AOD - Ruth A. Shalom, Isaac Shalom and All Immigration Services

Mary DiSerio
AOD - Mary Diserio and Immigration Solutions and Systems, Inc.

Sandra A. Peguero
AOD - Sandra A. Peguero and Alisandra Multiservices, Inc.

The Office of the Attorney General has filed lawsuits in New York State Supreme Court against the following individuals:

Clover A. Perez
Summons and Complaint - Clover A. Perez and Professional Solutions Consultants and Reliable Clerical Services

Vincent I. Gonzalez
Summons and Complaint - Vincent I. Gonzalez and Immigration Community Service Corporation

Ana Lucia Baquero
Summons and Complaint - Ana Lucia Baquero and Centro Santa Ana, Inc.

Miriam M. Hernandez
Hernandez Verified Petition