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Post date: February 22 2000

"a Perfect Match" Dating Service Declared Not So Perfect

Attorney General Spitzer today filed suit against an Erie County dating service for failing to provide referrals to clients and then failing to refund money as required by law.

William Kasiner, owner of A Perfect Match, Inc., had been operating a dating service in the Rochester and Buffalo areas since 1994. The Rochester office was located at 3300 Monroe Avenue and the Buffalo office was at 2455 Kensington Avenue. By January, 1999, it had abruptly closed without providing prior notice or refunds to its clients.

"Consumer protection laws provide every consumer with certain guarantees when contracting with dating services," Spitzer said. "This company's disregard for such protections has stolen the dreams of its clients while taking substantial sums of their money."  

Although clients had paid between $400 - $600 for one year memberships, Kasiner, after four years of operations, had failed to provide more than two referrals to more than three-quarters of their 320 Buffalo clients. Twenty-two percent got no service referrals whatsoever.

A Perfect Match is accused of violating state consumer protection laws regulating dating service contracts, including requirements that: a specified number of social referrals be provided per month; clients be provided with refunds of all monies minus a 15 percent cancellation fee for failure to furnish referrals for two or more successive months; clients be permitted to put memberships "on hold" for up to one year; and there be a reasonable refund policy for clients who relocate outside the service area.  

Spitzer's office is asking the court to grant refunds to Buffalo area customers of A Perfect Match and impose civil penalties for its violations of law and pay court costs.   A former minority owner of the company, Debra Hoevenaar, now operating a different dating service in the Rochester area, has agreed to provide dating services, at no cost, to accommodate former Rochester clients of Kasiner and is currently working with the Attorney General's office to provide refunds to those Rochester area customers who had requested them.

Individuals interested in filing a complaint against "A Perfect Match" are encouraged to contact the Attorney General's consumer help line at (800) 771-7755 or visit his web site at  

This case is being handled by Assistant Attorney General Dennis Rosen of the Buffalo Regional Office.