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Post date: June 6 2001

Statement By Attorney General Eliot Spitzer Regarding Changes To The State's Ticket Resale Law

The bill passed by the Legislature today is a good first step toward updating the ticket resale laws in New York State.

Our ticket resale laws have needed reform for many years. This is the only market in which the government does not regulate the initial price of a product, but then imposes limits on the resale price of the product. In addition, New York State's laws are becoming even more obsolete with the proliferation of out-of-state and Internet ticket resellers. I believe that our resale price controls should be eliminated, and that we should let the free market determine prices.

The Legislature today took an important first step toward that goal, by doubling the resale price cap from 10 percent to 20 percent. The bill also makes two other important changes to the law. First, it imposes felony penalties for bribes over $1000 paid to box office employees to get the best tickets, thereby helping to ensure that all consumers have equal access to tickets. Second, the bill closes a loophole that allowed unlicensed ticket sellers to avoid certain statutory penalties.

I applaud Speaker Silver, Senator Bruno, Assemblyman Morelle and Senator Skelos for making these necessary changes to the law. These amendments will remain in effect for two years, during which time the Legislature can consider whether to lift the ticket price controls permanently.