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Post date: February 1 2002

Statement By Attorney General Eliot Spitzer Regarding The Federal Cleanup Plan For Hudson River Pcbs

I applaud Governor Christie Whitman and the Environmental Protection Agency for today adopting a final decision calling for the removal of toxic PCBs from a 40-mile stretch of the upper Hudson River.

Now begins the hard work of eliminating the dangers to public health and the environment that have been lurking for decades beneath the surface of the Hudson River, our priceless American resource.

It is regrettable that General Electric Company tried for so long to scuttle this project. What is needed now is close cooperation by all concerned to eliminate delay, minimize adverse consequences and ensure the most effective cleanup possible.

It will now be up to all citizens to see to it that a strict project design and construction schedule are adopted and that the project progresses without additional delay. I call on GE to accept EPA's decision, which is the product of an extensive scientific and public process, and to support the implementation of the remedy that has been selected.

We have struggled for three decades to reach this point. Within this decade, we should all be able to stand on the banks of a reborn Hudson River, a cleaner, more vibrant river that we can proudly bequeath to our children.