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Post date: February 20 2002

Statement By Attorney General Spitzer On Us District Judge John G. Koetl's Ruling In The Buspar Case

We welcome U.S. District Court Judge John G. Koetl's ruling that the conduct of Bristol-Meyers Squibb was anti-competitive and illegal as we have alleged in the case we filed in December 2001. This ruling is an important initial victory for consumers and taxpayers. In our lawsuit we alleged that Bristol-Meyers Squibb knowingly made false statements to the FDA when it said its new patent covered BuSpar in an unlawful attempt to extend its monopoly over this important anti-anxiety drug.

Our lawsuit seeks to prevent activities by Bristol-Meyers that preclude generic competitors from entering the market with products that can save consumers hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide on the purchase of vital prescription drugs. Enforcement of the antitrust laws is essential to prevent misconduct and restraints on competition in the pharmaceutical industry.