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Post date: June 2 2003

Spitzer Applauds Assembly On

Attorney General Spitzer today commended Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Corrections Committee Chair Jeffrion Aubry and the State Assembly for passing legislation to reform the Rockefeller drug laws.

"Rockefeller drug law reform is a defining social issue," Spitzer said. "These laws have had an unduly harsh impact on minority communities and resulted in extraordinary cost to the state."

Spitzer said the Assembly Majority's bill contains all of the essential provisions of reform, including: reduced sentences for non-violent drug offenders; higher thresholds for possession offenses; allowing re-sentencing of current inmates; and diverting non-violent drug addicts into treatment.

Spitzer urged legislative leaders and the Executive to meet as soon as possible to resolve any differences that might exist on reforming the laws. He noted that the sides are extremely close on the fundamental elements of reform and that agreement was within reach. He said his office was available to assist in this process.

"We really should not to let another year pass without reforming these laws," Spitzer said. "Intelligent reform would help ameliorate the harsh impact of the laws, make the criminal justice system fairer and save state tax dollars."