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Post date: October 4 2004

Broadway Producer Sanctioned For Fraudulent Practices

Attorney General Spitzer said today that his office has obtained a court order against a theatrical producer for improper conduct in the financing of a Broadway play.

The court order requires Suzanne Brinkley to file amended financial disclosure forms and agree to refrain from improper practices in the future. In addition to the injunction, Brinkley has repaid some $48,000 raised from a playwright and her family.

Brinkley, who heads the production company known as Alice's Enterprises, was accused of improper use of the funds raised for "The New Living Room," a play by Annie Reiner.

An investigation by Spitzer's office revealed that Brinkley began raising funds for the play in early 2001. At the time, she told investors that she would return unused funds if the production was abandoned. She raised more $48,000 from Ms. Reiner's family and friends, but never used the funds to produce Ms. Reiner's play. Instead, the funds were used to pay the expenses of a different play, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," which Brinkley was producing at the time in Chicago.

The diversion of funds violated state law, as did Brinkley's failure to provide proper financial statements to the investors and the Attorney General's office.

Brinkley's only activity in connection with the production of "The New Living Room" was to present a public reading of the play with a number of prominent actors who participated without pay.

The Attorney General's office obtained the injunction against Brinkley on Friday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The matter was handled by Assistant Attorneys General Elizabeth Block and Mike Jones of the Investment Protection Bureau.