Attorney General Cuomo And New York Yankees Ensure Fans Receive Promised Free Tickets After Donating To Yankees Holiday Food Drive

NEW YORK, NY (April 5, 2009) – Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a resolution with the New York Yankees after fans complained to his office that they were denied free tickets to a home game after participating in a promotional food drive.  Advertisements for an annual food drive sponsored by the Yankees promised participants would receive vouchers for free tickets to a Spring 2009 Yankees home game, but those who donated to the food drive were unable to redeem vouchers for tickets.  Hours after Cuomo’s office brought the matter to the Yankees, the team agreed to honor the vouchers with free bleacher or grandstand tickets, or even better seating when those seats are not available

“The Yankees responded quickly and appropriately to my office’s concerns and today we have a resolution that fulfills a pledge made to all the Yankee fans who made generous donations to help the less fortunate,” said Attorney General Cuomo. “Yankee fans will now receive their promised tickets and be able to root for their beloved Bronx Bombers in their new home.”

Promotions for the annual Yankees / Goya Holiday Food Drive, which occurred on December 11, 2008, promised that donors would receive vouchers for a Yankees home game in April or May 2009.  For every twenty-five dollars or twenty-five pounds of food donated, fans were promised a voucher good for two tickets.  Fans who participated in the food drive tried to redeem their vouchers when season tickets became available at the end of March 2009, but many were told that tickets were no longer available.  Even some who arrived at the ticket window on the first morning that tickets went on sale were turned away.    

After consumer complaints, the Yankees initially said the problem was fixed on March 26, 2009.  However, some fans were still denied tickets.  After the Attorney General’s office brought the matter to the attention of the Yankees on April 2, 2009, the issue was resolved within hours.

Lonn Trost, Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees, said, “We are pleased to have worked with Attorney General Cuomo’s office to ensure that all of our fans who participated in our annual food drive receive their free tickets. We are proud to have such generous fans and are glad to have worked with Attorney General Cuomo.”

Fans who received vouchers can redeem them for any Monday through Thursday home game throughout the remaining 2009 season, except premium games.  Vouchers can be redeemed at any available ticket window at the Yankee Stadium Ticket Office at any time, up to and including September 30, 2009, which is the last regular season home game scheduled.