Statement From Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo

"Governor Paterson today called for David Mack to step down from his positions on the Boards of the MTA and the Port Authority based on the State Police Report issued by this Office earlier this week. David Mack has refused to step down. We believe that Governor Paterson is 100 percent correct and applaud his call for Mr. Mack's resignations. Mr. Mack today said that he had totally cooperated in our investigation. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when he was interviewed, he gave only his name and refused to answer any questions, invoking the 5th Amendment 37 times. Furthermore, we agree with the State Troopers PBA that Mr. Mack is not qualified to be an official of a police force, especially after he failed to cooperate in a law enforcement investigation. We also agree with the Troopers that law enforcement positions should not be used for political patronage."