Price Gouging Complaint Form

Consumer complaints filed with the Attorney General's Office are subject to public disclosure. In order to protect your privacy, we suggest you remove or redact all confidential information from the complaint you submit to us, such as your Social Security number, financial account numbers, and any medical information. To learn how we safeguard your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Please use this form to submit complaints about sudden price increases of essential goods and services (like water, ice, food, generators, batteries, flashlights, lodging, home repair materials and services, and snow and tree removal services) during a state of emergency. If a merchant took advantage of you or others by charging unconscionably high prices for essential goods or services during a major weather event, natural disaster or other emergency situation, then please use the Price Gouging Complaint Form.

For any other type of consumer complaint, please use our  Consumer Frauds Bureau Online Complaint Form.

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