How We Serve The Public

In addition to representing the State, as outlined above, the Real Property Bureau is acutely aware of the hardships to the individual or business when all or a portion of their land is taken for a public purpose. We take our responsibility very seriously and try to insure that the condemnee receives their just compensation in a fair and expeditious manner.

When a State agency determines what property is needed for a valid public purpose, that agency asks us to perform a title review. What that means is we go to the county where the land is located, we examine the records in the county clerk's office and we certify to the agency who is entitled to compensation. The agency's appraisers set the value and we prepare the paperwork that is needed to be reviewed and processed so that the Comptroller's Office can issue a check in payment for the property taken.

In addition, although we do not represent individual members of the public, we often get questions from everyday people with regard to their own personal real estate problems. We try to give them the best information we can and steer them in the right direction to obtain all the answers they need.