Title Certified for Recent Significant State Land Acquisitions

Coeyman’s Wildlife Management Area (Proc. 9449, SLP Albany 26.02)

The Coeymans Creek at Old Ravena Road Land purchase from the City of Albany for +/- 361 acres in Coeymans, Albany county, for $814,000.  The City of Albany acquired these three contiguous parcels in 2006 in hopes of developing the property as a landfill; however, the local community of Coeymans was opposed, many years passed, and nothing progressed.  Shortly after Mayor Sheehan took office, it was decided Albany would scrap that idea and offer the land to DEC instead.  The parties struggled to come to an agreement over the value of the property for many years and, as a result, the City of Albany decided to market the property to someone other than the State of New York.  That deal ultimately fell through, and the City approached DEC again with this offer to sell. 

These lands consist of frontage on Coeymans Creek and an abundance of wetlands and other wildlife habitat, which is what appealed to DEC’s wildlife staff.  Coeymans Creek has a self-sustaining population of wild brown trout from the Helderbergs to the Hudson (upstream of Coeymans, the creek is known as the Onesquethaw Creek) and preserving this land in its natural state is a great step in protecting the quality and aquatic habitat of this wild trout stream.  Shad, alewives, and herring use the creek’s tidal pool at the Hudson for spawning, and the American Eel is found all the way upstream to Clarksville.  Protecting the quality of this tributary will help protect the quality of the Hudson River, enhance fishing, and create additional opportunities for wildlife observation, including deer, osprey, and bald eagles.


Addition to the Hand Hollow State Forest (Proc. 9183, TR Columbia 45.01 and 45.08)

View of Spiegelberg Lake

Land purchase from Open Space Institute Land Trust for +/- 524 acres in New Lebanon, Columbia county, for $2,096,000.  This acquisition adds acreage to the existing Hand Hollow State Forest, will expand public recreational opportunities, and contains an extensive trail network running through forestland and meadows, and past ponds, streams and wetlands. The acquisition will also protect regional ecological habitat and watershed quality.


Wildlife Management Area in Columbia County (Proc. 9183, Columbia 48.02)

Columbia County Wildlife Management Area

Land purchase from private sellers for +/- 375 acres in Ancram, Columbia county, for $1,915,600.  These lands will provide important areas of additional habitat for the New England Cottontail which is designated as a state species of special concern.  Several other species, such as the Ruffed grouse, American woodcock, wild turkey, and white tailed deer will also benefit from the preservation of this large parcel.  The public will enjoy additional opportunities for hunting and wildlife observation.


New Lands in the Finger Lakes (Proc. 9846, Onondaga 63)

The public boat launch

Transfer of lands from Honeywell to the state (DEC) pursuant to federal consent decree regarding the clean–up of Onondaga Lake.  This parcel is located in Lysander, Onondaga county.  As part of the consent decree, in addition to transferring title to these lands, Honeywell constructed a boat launch to provide public access to the Seneca River and NYS Barge Canal.


Extinguishment of Private Mineral Rights in Allegany State Park
(Proc. 6171, Project Nos. 02-911 and 02-33)

Separate purchase agreements with owner and lessee of mineral rights within lands constituting part of Allegany State Park.  As part of the agreements, the wells were capped to NYS standards, these transactions restored the previously severed mineral estate to approximately 270 acres of state parkland.


Expansion of Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park
Proc. 5265, Project No. 04-912fingerlake

The state (OPRHP) filed an application for surplus federal property consisting of the former Lema-Whyman U.S. Army Reserve Center administration building and large maintenance garage located on approximately 3.47 acres in Canandaigua, Ontario county, early in 2018.  The property is intended to facilitate the expansion of the Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park and repurpose the former Reserve Center into a new visitor center.  The property features a beautiful 425-foot long limestone wall, built circa 1907, and is complimented by a row of mature Sycamore trees, in a historic residential area.


Additions to SUNY Albany and SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syrause
(Proc. 5091, Proposals 180, 181, 182, 183)

SUNY entered into several land contracts this year for the benefit of its universities: three land donation agreements adding +/- 11 acres to SUNY Albany and one condominium unit purchase agreement in support of SUNY Upstate Medical University’s objectives in Syracuse, Onondaga county.


Acquisition of State Office Building in Binghamton
(Proc. 9706, GS 05-07)

Many years ago, the state (OGS) entered into an agreement with the City of Binghamton for the construction of the Binghamton state office building.  The agreement provided that the City would transfer the property to the state after a period of years.  That period having terminated, the state has now accepted title to the state office building and land (+/-1.48 acres in Binghamton, Broome county.