Preventing Discrimination

New Yorkers can prevent discrimination before it starts by being well informed
of their own rights and the rights of others whose beliefs and practices may be unfamiliar. 

Implementing Sound Policies and Practices will Reduce Religious Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

Establishing clear policies and criteria for processing requests for religious accommodation can help reduce the potential for religious discrimination in the workplace. Effective policies and practices include provisions to:

  • Inform employees of their right to request reasonable accom­modations for religious observance;
  • Establish a procedure to request religious accommodations;
  • Train managers and supervisors to consider all available accommodation options;
  • Confer promptly with employees about their religious needs, the requested accommodation and available options; and
  • Fully assess each request and avoid stereotypes about reli­gious practices, beliefs or the types of accommodations that are appropriate.