Reporting Animal Cruelty

Examples of animal cruelty are: animal fighting, inadequate or improper shelter or care, animals being kept in filthy or unsanitary living conditions, abandonment, performing unauthorized surgery on an animal, maiming or killing of an animal, failure to provide food, drink or medical treatment, breeding animals, horses or farm animals improperly or not keeping them confined, and animal hoarding.

If you witness animal cruelty or believe an animal is in danger, report the matter immediately to local law enforcement and/or to your local SPCA.

To provide an anonymous tip about potential animal fighting rings, please call the New York State Attorney General's Helpline at 1-866-697-3444 OR submit an Animal Cruelty Complaint Form.

If your complaint does not fall under our Animal Protection Initiative, but you believe it involves some other type of fraud, you may file a complaint with our Consumer Frauds Bureau.