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Summer Law Internship Program

The Legal Recruitment Bureau (LRB) coordinates the annual Summer Law Internship Program (SLIP) for law, graduate and undergraduate students. The SLIP provides students with an immersive and hands-on learning experience in an exciting, dynamic and diverse professional environment. The internships are either volunteer positions, externships for course credit, funded by a public service grant obtained by the student, or work-study funded by the school.

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Law students hired for the SLIP have the opportunity to assist OAG attorneys in all phases of their work, including but not limited to: legal research; drafting of briefs, memos and pleadings; document review; responding to discovery requests; preparing for depositions and trials; and performing some clerical work. A law student’s specific work assignments are dependent on the bureau’s current caseload. A key objective is for law students to leave with a writing sample.

As with the law students, the assignments given to undergraduate and graduate students are determined by the needs of the bureau’s current cases, projects and initiatives. Undergraduate and graduate students hired for the SLIP can expect to assist professional and support staff in all phases of their work including but not limited to: non-legal research; data entry; drafting of correspondence and memos; assisting with consumer complaint intake and mediation; and performing clerical tasks such as filing, answering telephones, scheduling meetings.  

Given the size, jurisdictional breadth and national prominence of the OAG, each year the LRB creates a robust schedule of programming that will provide interns with a wider view of the office’s work and available legal career paths. The formal schedule of training and enrichment programming is open to all SLIP interns and includes the following:

  • First day orientation session on June 3, 2019;
  • Roundtable lunches with Executive Deputy Attorneys General;
  • Topical presentations about major cases and initiatives led by subject matter experts;
  • Career development sessions with the LRB Chief;
  • Opportunities to network and develop professional relationships; and
  • Other social and service programming.


The SLIP officially runs for 8 weeks between June and July (10-week appointments are available, if required by the applicant’s funding source). The 2019 SLIP will begin on June 3, 2019.

The application deadline for the 2019 SLIP is March 15, 2019.


We are seeking talented hardworking interns who are committed to public service and have excellent research and writing skills; fluency in other languages (e.g., Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, etc.) in addition to English is a plus, but not required. U.S. citizenship and New York State residency are not required. Students who may apply for the SLIP include:

  • Current law students including LLM candidates, however 1Ls may not apply until after December 1st of their 1L year; *
  • Other graduate students; and
  • Undergraduate students.


Students selected for the SLIP will be assigned to one of the bureaus in the main offices in either Manhattan or Albany, or to one of the smaller regional offices. The practice area of a bureau is generally reflected in its name.  Our regional offices are located in Binghamton, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Harlem, Suffolk, Nassau, Plattsburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Watertown, and Westchester. Applicants should only apply for those bureaus and/or regional offices of interest to them. Location preferences will be honored; however, bureau assignment may ultimately be made based upon the needs of the OAG.

The regional offices are full-service locations that handle matters such as: consumer fraud complaints and mediations; consumer frauds and related criminal prosecutions; civil rights and labor law prosecutions; and the investigation and prosecution of environmental law violations. In addition, they handle State Counsel matters in defense of the state, its agencies and employees in lawsuits brought in state and federal courts.

Learn More

Before beginning the application process, students are strongly encouraged to learn more about the work of the OAG. To read about a bureau’s specific mission, visit the Division page on the public website. The OAG press releases are a great tool for learning about current matters and initiatives. At the bottom of most press releases, there is a helpful recounting of the bureaus and OAG staff involved with the matter. View the complete press release archive.

How to Apply

View the 2019 SLIP Volunteer Law Student Posting

View the 2019 SLIP Volunteer Graduate & Undergraduate Student Posting

The following section provides detailed information about the application process and requirements. Please review the complete list of instructions prior to preparing and submitting your application materials online.

  • Applications for the 2019 SLIP are being received online.  To begin the application process, please click on the posting links provided below the “How to Apply” section heading.
  • Please apply to no more than five (5) bureaus/regional offices.
  • Applications are submitted separately for each bureau/regional office, and an applicant’s candidacy for each application is determined separately by each bureau/regional office.
  • Application deadline is March 15, 2019, but please note that positions are filled on a rolling basis.
  • Applications from first-year law students may not be submitted prior to December 1, 2018. In addition, 1L applicants should not apply until they have received their first semester grades and are able to submit a complete application.*

The following documents are required for each application that is submitted:

  • Cover Letter
    • Please address to Sandra Jefferson Grannum, Esq., Bureau Chief, Legal Recruitment.
    • If applying to multiple bureaus/regional offices, we recommend that you submit the same cover letter for each application, ranking those bureaus/regional offices in order of your preference.
    • Indicate in your cover letter whether there are any work-study funding or other deadlines related to your candidacy.
  • Rreferences, 3 (three) are required
    • Only submit professional (i.e., supervisor or professor) references.
    • Indicate your professional relationship to each reference.
    • Include contact information and email addresses for each reference.
  • Transcript
    • Unofficial transcript is acceptable.
    • 1Ls: College transcript will not satisfy this requirement.
  • Writing Sample
    • Law Students: Submit any piece of legal writing that demonstrates your ability to analyze legal issues in a clear and concise manner, as well as your advocacy and grammatical skills. For example, an advisory opinion, memorandum of law in support of a motion, or appellate brief would be acceptable.
    • Graduate & Undergraduate Students: Submit a piece best demonstrating your grammatical skills and ability to analyze, synthesize and organize a cohesive document that efficiently and effectively conveys information to your target audience.

Failure to submit a complete application will delay the consideration of your candidacy. 

Please submit your application for the 2019 SLIP at least two (2) weeks prior to any deadlines that could impact your candidacy (e.g., work study funding deadline) and note this in your cover letter.

*Please note that this application waiting period does not apply to graduate and undergraduate students.

Application Status Request
Please allow at least three (3) business weeks for your application to be processed and reviewed by the hiring bureau/regional office. After three (3) weeks, click here to submit a request.

If you have questions about a position with the OAG, the application process or need assistance with submitting your application, please contact the Legal Recruitment Bureau via email at recruitment@ag.ny.gov or call (212) 416-8080.