SLIP Profiles

Scott Bane

“I really support the mission and I believe in their work.”

Name: Scott Bane
Law School: City University of New York School of Law, 2L
OAG Bureau and Location: Health Care Bureau, NYC

For Scott, the decision to attend law school was a mid-career change motivated by his personal experiences navigating the bureaucracy of the health care industry. The opportunity to work as a summer intern in the Health Care Bureau (HCB) allowed him to pursue his legal interests further in an office that he respected, “I really support the mission, and I believe in their work.” Scott also appreciated the opportunity to engage in lively discussions with the attorneys regarding his assignments. “My research and writing skills have progressed. In a real world context, I learned to turn [work] around quickly.”

Sarah Cinquemani

“The huge variety of work has been exceptional.”

Name: Sarah Cinquemani
Law School: Pace Law School, 2L
OAG Bureau and Location: Environmental Protection Bureau, NYC

Sarah has made it a long-term goal to save the rainforest and generally to stop the destruction of the environment. The OAG’s Environmental Protect Bureau was a natural choice for her and she was not disappointed. “I think the great thing about working in [the] Environmental Protect Bureau is the wide variety of work you are able to do…federal, state, and local environmental law…[and] not just environmental law. I have been researching real property law, business law and other things I did not think I would be looking into. The huge variety of work has been exceptional.”

Joshua Frumkin

“Every single thing I am doing here feels like it matters…”

Name: Joshua Frumkin
Law School: Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, 2L
OAG Bureau and Location: Bureau of Internet & Technology, NYC

It was a professor with Cardozo’s Data Law Initiative who made Joshua aware of the summer internship opportunities available at the OAG and the Bureau of Internet and Technology. Joshua’s summer internship experience was primarily legal research and writing concerning real world matters affecting New Yorkers, such as internet access and usage. Joshua felt so benefitted by this legal experience that he stated, “It has satisfied me in a way that I haven’t really been able to sustain at another place before…Every single thing I am doing here feels like it matters because I am privy to the process, and I believe in the institution.”

Kremena Mestanova

“I was always challenged by the fast pace and the high expectations.”

Name: Kremena Mestanova
Undergraduate School: Vassar College, Junior
OAG Bureau and Location: Legal Recruitment Bureau, NYC

As a rising senior at Vassar College, Kremena applied for a summer internship with the OAG to explore her interests in the legal field and to further her professional development. She gained invaluable work experience as part of the team responsible for the overall management of the summer internship program and execution of its events. From the first day of her internship, Kremena said, “[my] supervisors engaged me in the work of the bureau and regularly asked for my feedback and input which made me feel invested in what I was doing.” Kremena appreciated, “…always [being] challenged by the fast pace and the high expectations,” and she says her work assignments allowed her to “strengthen [her] research and writing skills as well as improve [her] ability to efficiently prioritize tasks and manage [her] time.”

Kremena had the opportunity to learn about the practice of law even though she was not in a practice bureau. The summer program events, where attorneys discuss their careers and cases, are open to college students as well as law students. Through those programs, Kremena gained further insight into the legal profession. She said that, “the OAG is a good place for undergraduate students to learn about the field of law, especially if they are interested in public service.” Moreover, as an international student, Kremena said her internship provided “an extensive overview of the structure of the OAG and other governmental organizations.” Kremena is confident that the knowledge she acquired will allow her to succeed in future professional endeavors.

Merissa Spaulding

“I used this experience to figure out what I want to do, and I now know for sure I want to attend law school.”

Name: Merissa Spaulding
Undergraduate School: Skidmore College, Sophomore
OAG Bureau and Location: Intergovernmental Affairs, NYC

Merissa’s interest in exploring legal career options was spurred by participating in a mock trial during high school. Her summer internship with the OAG really opened her eyes to how the work of governmental agencies can affect people’s lives. “[When] you are on the outside you wonder what our leaders are doing to fight crime or whatever the issue is New Yorkers struggle with. I was grateful to be behind [the scenes] and see what was going on, as opposed to seeing it on the news.” Merissa also said, “I like the office because it’s hands-on and tightknit…I used this experience to figure out what I want to do, and I now know for sure I want to attend law school.”

Pablo Zevallos

“If you are a law student who wants to make public service part of your career…I can’t think of a better place…”

Name: Pablo Zevallos
Law School: Columbia Law School
OAG Bureau and Location: Executive Division, NYC

Pablo’s desire to pursue a public service career to protect the civil rights of New Yorkers inspired him to seek a summer internship with the OAG. Pablo saw how the OAG was willing to fight for New Yorkers and “…felt it was the place where [he] most wanted to be for the summer” and he was not disappointed. Working in the Executive Division on “potential litigation matters that could address questions that have billions of dollars of impact” was a great experience. Pablo’s advice: “If you are a law student who wants to make public service a part of your career, who is committed to serving New Yorkers, or has a strong tie and interest in New York, I can’t think of a better place where you’ll have work of the same scale and consequence as the OAG.”