The Rise of Apple Picking Nationwide

Recent reports have shown a spike in the theft of mobile phones and other electronic devices. The thieves wipe the devices’ memories clean and resell them for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market (an average of roughly $200 for iPhones). Too often, those crimes turn violent, and even deadly.

  • Around 113 smartphones are stolen or lost each minute in the U.S.[1]
  • More than 1.6 million people had their smartphones stolen last year.[2] According to the Federal Communications Commission, the theft of cell phones makes up 30 to 40 percent of all robberies nationwide.
  • Top ten worst cities for smartphone theft are (in order of placement) are: Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach, Calif., Newark, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and Boston.[4]
  • Lost and stolen cellphones cost consumers more than $30 billion last year.[5]
  • Chicago police say there are more than 30 robberies of electronic devices on Chicago Transit Authority trains every month in the Belmont Area alone. Most of the thefts involve iPhones, which can sell for over $300 on the black market.