AG Fellowship Program

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AG Fellowship Program

Program Dates

  • Applications accepted from August 15  through October 7, 2022
  • Interviews will be conducted virtually in October and November 2022
  • Offers will be extended in December 2022
  • Fellowship Program begins in September 2023
  • Fellowship Program ends in August 2025

Contact Information for the AG Fellowship Program

Emails are preferred:
Phone: 212-416-8080

Required Application Documents

Please carefully read and follow the instructions for preparing and submitting your application documents.  Applications are being received online via the link provided in the "How to Apply" section of the posting.  If you need assistance with submitting your application, please email the AG Fellowship Program or call 212-416-8080.   You will not be able to access or amend your application once it has been submitted.

  • You may address to the “Attorney General Fellowship Program Search Committee.”
  • Specify your location preference. For the 2023 cohort, we will have placements available at the following office locations:
    • New York, NY
    • Albany, NY
    • Buffalo, NY 
  • Your cover letter must answer ALL of the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in working for the OAG?
    • What makes you a strong candidate for a Fellowship placement?
    • Why is diversity in the legal profession important?

  • Provide a list of three (3) references:
    • At least two (2) of the references must be professional, either supervisory or academic. Supervisory references are strongly preferred.
    • If you choose, one (1) of the references may be a character reference from a non-relative such as a mentor, academic advisor, colleague, etc.
  • Provide current contact information for each reference, including phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Indicate the nature and duration of your relationship to each reference.
  • Please do not provide letters of recommendation.
  • Please be advised your references will not be contacted until after you have interviewed for the fellowship. 

  • Ensure your resume is complete and current prior to submitting your fellowship application.
  • Include your name and contact information. Below are additional best practices for your resume:
    • Include your academic background.
      • School Names
      • School Activities (e.g. law review, moot court, student bar associations or other affinity groups)
      • Degrees, completed and in progress
      • Graduation dates, only your graduation date form law school is needed
      • Professional certifications or other training programs
    • Include your professional experience.
      • Internships, externships and clinics
      • Professional positions you have held, including before attending law school
      • Correct dates of employment

  • You may choose to submit a paper that you completed for school or a writing sample that you produced during an internship or externship.
  • Submit a sample of your legal writing that best demonstrates your ability to analyze legal issues in a clear and concise manner, as well as your advocacy and grammatical skills.
  • Your writing sample should be between five and ten (5-10) pages long, not including the cover page.
    • Include a cover page that provides the following information:
      • The document type and content (e.g., motion to compel discovery)
      • Specify whether it was prepared for a class and the date it was completed (include the course name and date) or an internship or externship (include the placement name and date)
      • Indicate whether it is an excerpt from a longer document, and provide any relevant context the reader will need to understand how this section relates to the document as a whole
      • Indicate who edited your sample, how many drafts were made and whether you are the sole author of the document


  • A salary and comprehensive New York State benefits. 
  • The opportunity to work at one of the country’s premier public sector law firms doing impactful legal work that advances equal justice while protecting the rights and interests of New York State and its citizens.
  • A collegial atmosphere and colleagues who are working together to advance a shared mission.
  • Leadership that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion and is committed to providing employees with a work environment that is welcoming, safe and flexible.
  • Building important relationships and professional networks with OAG attorneys, client agencies and other external partners.
  • A robust training and orientation program that is specifically designed for Fellows so you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running as a junior attorney in your assigned bureau.
  • Involvement in all aspects of the OAG’s work including investigations, litigation, public education and community outreach. The Fellowship is a hands-on legal experience, and a goal of the program is to have Fellows successfully manage their own caseload and all related duties and responsibilities.
  • A dedicated Program Coordinator who, in addition to being a skilled practitioner at the OAG, has experience training and mentoring law students and new attorneys. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for guiding your time at the OAG and ensuring you are receiving the training, supervision and experience needed to be successful during your fellowship and in your career. 
  • Preferred consideration for available attorney jobs upon successful completion of the Fellowship Program.

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions for preparing and submitting your application documents.
  • Before applying, take the time to learn about the OAG by reviewing the website, specifically the Divisions and Bureaus and Media pages. OAG press releases provide helpful information about recent and active matters, as well as priority initiatives. At the bottom of most press releases it will indicate which bureau(s) were/are involved with a matter.
  • Utilize available resources to help you prepare your application documents. For example, reach out to the career services team at your law school or your academic advisor for assistance.
  • Do not submit a form cover letter and avoid repackaging your resume. Instead, use your cover letter as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the search committee for this specific opportunity.
  • The documents you provide should be complete, well-formatted and error-free.
  • Applications must be submitted by the posted deadline and must be complete when submitted. Wait to submit your application until you have all the required documents prepared. You will not be able to access or amend your application once it has been submitted. Submitting an incomplete application will delay and could potentially preclude your consideration for the fellowship.

  • Fellows will receive a salary and a comprehensive benefits package.
  • The annual salary for Fellows is $76,500 plus benefits. Fellows are eligible for any cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) that are approved by the state during their tenure. Additionally, Fellows may be eligible for a performance-based increase during the second year of the program.
  • Fellows will accrue several weeks of paid leave each year, including state holidays, vacation time, sick time and personal time.
  • Fellows will also receive health, dental and vision insurance, which involves choosing from various plan options.
  • Access to retirement benefits including the New York State Pension System, deferred compensation and other programs.
  • The OAG offers a robust Workplace Flexibilities Program with multiple options, including telecommuting (up to two days per week) and alternative work schedules. 

  • Law students who are currently completing their final year of law school and will graduate by June 2023. To further clarify, law students who will be graduating from their JD programs during the academic year 2022-23 may apply.
  • The Public Officers Law requires OAG attorneys be citizens of the United States.
  • Selected fellows must reside in or intend soon to become residents of New York State.
  • A commitment to complete the two (2) year Fellowship is a condition of employment.
  • Admission to the New York State Bar is a condition of continued employment. Selected Fellows will be required to sit for the next offered New York State bar exam after their graduation date. Fellows may begin working at the OAG while awaiting their bar exam results and admission to the bar.

  • Fluency in other languages is a plus.
  • We are seeking a diverse pool of applicants who are creative thinkers with strong legal writing, analytical and organizational skills, as well as a demonstrated commitment to public service and social, economic and criminal justice.
  • Applicants who are members of groups underrepresented in attorney roles, which include but are not limited to Black, Latinx, Indigenous American, Asian and Pacific Islander persons; women; persons with disabilities; and LGBTQ+ persons are particularly encouraged to apply.

  • Be prepared to discuss why you want to work for the OAG, why you are interested in public service, and your career aspirations.
  • Be ready to answer specific questions about the information you provided on your resume.
  • The interview panel will likely ask you questions about your writing sample. If you submitted an excerpt from a longer document, you should be prepared to discuss the entire document.
  • If you have questions for the interview panel, have them ready and be prepared to ask them at the appropriate time.
  • If you feel that you need extra support to prepare for your interview, reach out to the career services team at your law school or your academic advisor.
  • Interviews will be conducted virtually. Therefore, your onscreen background should be professionally appropriate. Also, be mindful of background noise, lighting, privacy and other environmental factors in the space where you will be interviewing.
  • If you are experiencing technology issues before the interview, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting or 212-416-8080.
  • We expect interviewees to dress in business attire for the interview.