About the Office

The Attorney General serves the public interest of all New Yorkers in matters affecting their daily lives, enforcing laws to protect consumers, tenants, patients, workers, investors, and charitable donors. The office coordinates statewide civil and criminal investigations, promoting economic and social justice, encouraging harm-reducing public health strategies, and preserving the state’s environment.

While the Attorney General acts independently of the Governor, the Governor or a state agency may request the Attorney General to undertake specific criminal investigations and prosecutions. The Attorney General's authority also includes the activities and investigations of the Organized Crime Task Force and Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

The office employs over 1,700 staff, including investigators, analysts, scientists, forensic accountants, legal assistants and support staff, and over 700 assistant attorneys general, serving in over two dozen locations across New York state. 

Administration Division

The Administration Division consists of:

  • Administrative Services Bureau
  • Budget and Fiscal Management Bureau
  • Human Resources Management Bureau
  • Information Technology Bureau
  • Legal Recruitment Bureau
  • Legal Education and Professional Development Bureau
  • Managing Attorney's Office
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Practice Technologies Group

Criminal Justice Division

The Criminal Justice Division consists of:

  • Conviction Review Bureau
  • Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau
  • Investigations
  • Medicaid Fraud Control Unit 
  • Office of Special Investigation
  • Organized Crime Task Force
  • Public Integrity Bureau
  • Real Estate Enforcement Unit

Economic Justice Division

The Economic Justice Division consists of:

  • Antitrust Bureau
  • Bureau of Internet and Technology
  • Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau 
  • Investor Protection Bureau 
  • Taxpayer Protection Bureau

Executive Division

The Executive Division consists of:

  • Constituent Services Bureau
  • Intergovernmental Affairs 
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Press Office
  • Public Information and Correspondence Unit
  • Records Access Office (Freedom of Information Law (FOIL))

Regional Offices Division

The Office of the Attorney General’s 13 regional offices help carry out the Attorney General’s essential defensive, regulatory, and affirmative justice functions in every part of New York state.

Social Justice Division

The Social Justice Division consists of:

  • Charities Bureau
  • Civil Rights Bureau
  • Environmental Protection Bureau 
  • Hate Crimes Unit 
  • Health Care Bureau
  • Housing Protection Unit 
  • Labor Bureau
  • Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office 
  • Real Estate Finance Bureau 

Solicitor General Division

The Solicitor General Division consists of:

  • Appeals and Opinions Bureau
  • Criminal Appeals and Federal Habeas Corpus Bureau
  • Law Library

State Counsel Division

The State Counsel Division consists of:

  • Civil Recoveries Bureau
  • Claims Bureau
  • Litigation Bureau
  • Real Property Bureau
  • Sex Offender Management Bureau