Comment form for closure of Burdett Birth Center

St. Peter's Health Partners, part of the Trinity Health Care system, has proposed closing the Burdett Birth Center, the only labor-and-delivery facility in Rensselaer County. The center, which delivered over 800 babies last year alone, provides a collaborative, midwifery model of care in addition to a physician-led obstetrics practice.

The Attorney General will hold a public hearing about the center on September 18, 2023. She seeks comments from communities of interest on the proposed closure.

If you are or were a Burdett employee or patient, or a neighborhood resident, the Attorney General would like your testimony. She is particularly interested in:

  • what impact the closure could have on Burdett’s current patient population and nearby residents
  • whether any alternative services for labor and delivery offer similar quality and accessibility
  • whether the closure is consistent with St. Peter’s mission to serve the poor and the most vulnerable
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