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The success of the Office of the New York State Attorney General is a direct result of the commitment and talents of the more than 2000 people who work here. We are dedicated to finding, developing and retaining the best people. We offer our employees a challenging, fun and rewarding work environment with great benefits - giving employees what they need for a satisfying career. We are committed to helping people to work productively by facilitating growth and development of their knowledge, skills, and attitudes and value the diverse contributions that encompass our many employees. If you're looking for a fast-paced and challenging career in State Government, the Office of the Attorney General is the place for you.


Job Openings

The Office of the Attorney General recruits from a variety of sources for positions including competitive, non-competitive, exempt, and labor. All positions in the competitive and non-competitive classes have minimum qualifications established and these are unique to each classified title. Minimum qualifications can include any combination of the following: educational requirements; experience requirements; license and/or certification requirements; specific skills requirements; and if a bonafide occupational qualification, physical abilities. The qualifications for each job title are approved by the Department of Civil Service.

Candidates can compete for Competitive class positions by participating in competitive civil service examinations. Competitive appointments and promotions in the New York State civil service are made according to principles of "merit and fitness" as mandated by the New York State Constitution.

The vast majority of our attorney positions fall into the exempt class which include "all other offices or positions for which the Civil Service Commission has determined it is not practicable to fill by competitive or non-competitive examination." Incumbents of these positions serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General.

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