Auto Repair Troubleshooting

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Sometimes problems may require a simple repair, not a major overhaul. Here are a few common repair tips:


Loose wiring can make your alternator appear defective. Make sure the technician checks for loose connections and performs an output test before replacing it.

Battery -

Corroded or loose battery terminals can make the battery appear dead or defective. Make sure the technician cleans the terminals and tests battery function before replacing it.


What appears to be a defective starter may actually be a dead battery or poor connection. Ask your technician to check all connections and test the battery before repairing the starter.

Muffler -

A loud rumbling noise under your vehicle indicates the need for a new muffler or exhaust pipe. Quality replacement parts obviously cost more. Low-priced parts are seldom a good buy unless you keep the vehicle less than a year. Make sure you understand exactly what the warranty covers, because many exhaust system warranties have serious exceptions and limitations.


The old-fashioned "tune-up" may not apply to your vehicle. Fewer parts need to be replaced on newer vehicles other than belts, spark plugs, hoses and filters. Follow recommendations in your owner's manual.


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The main office of your local AAA Motor Club, listed under AAA in the telephone directory.