Lemon Law

Defective car or wheelchair?  New York’s lemon laws protect you!

If you bought or leased a new or used car or a wheelchair that turned out to be defective (a “lemon”), you may be able to get a refund if:

  • Your car’s condition does not match up to the terms in the written warranty and
  • The manufacturer or its authorized dealer cannot repair the car after a reasonable number of efforts.

Learn more about how the lemon laws can help you.

How we can help you

First, have our office decide whether your situation might qualify. This process is called “arbitration.”

Download the appropriate guide to find out if:

To ask us to start arbitration, download the form for the:

Complete all questions as accurately as you can, especially the questions about dates and mileage. If you bought your car, describe the problem briefly but completely in Question 14.

Email the form to us at nyag.lemonlaw@ag.ny.gov (for the fastest response) or mail it to us at:

Attorney General’s Lemon Law Unit
28 Liberty Street, 15th floor
New York NY 10005

(Please mark: “Attention: Lemon Law Arbitration Unit” or “Attention: Wheelchair Lemon Law Arbitration Unit”)

Coming soon: Is your new farm equipment a lemon?

We will soon be rolling out a program to help settle disputes (arbitration) for new farm equipment that is defective. Learn the details:

Full text of the lemon law for farm equipment

Description of the arbitration procedure for new farm equipment that is defective