Combatting Upstate Financial Fraud Schemes (CUFFS) Initiative

Attorney General James’ Combatting Upstate Financial Frauds Schemes (“CUFFS”) Initiative is led by Director Philip V. Apruzzese, Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau, and Investigator Samuel Scotellaro. The CUFFS Initiative was implemented by Attorney General James in an effort to assist local law enforcement and District Attorney’s Offices investigate and prosecute complex financial crimes and money laundering cases. The objectives of the CUFFS Initiative are to:

  • Offer training to District Attorney’s Offices (DAOs) and law enforcement (LE) on the detection, investigation, and prosecution of complex financial crime cases;
  • Expand outreach and membership of the DAOs and LE in various law enforcement analysis cooperatives;
  • Provide assistance in large-scale financial crime cases, including money laundering investigations; and
  • Direct law enforcement and prosecutors to available resources throughout the State.

For more information on the CUFFS Initiative or to request a specialized training, DAOs and LE can contact:

Director Philip V. Apruzzese
(518) 776-2374 

Investigator Samuel Scotellaro
(518) 776-2521