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Bureau: Civil RecoveriesLocation: Albany, NYDeadline: Ref No.: CRB_ALB_PUGS_SUM_2024
Bureau: Correspondence & Public Information (CPI)Location: Albany, NYDeadline: Ref No.: PICU_ALB_PUGS_2024
Bureau: Internet & Technology (BIT)Location: New York City, NYDeadline: Ref No.: BIT_ NYC_PUGS_2024_2
Bureau: Buffalo RegionalLocation: Buffalo, NYDeadline: Ref No.: BUF_PUGS_2024_2
Bureau: Rochester RegionalLocation: Rochester, NYDeadline: Ref No.: ROC_PUGS_2024_2
Bureau: Information Technology (IT)Location: New York City, NYDeadline: Ref No.: ITB_PUGS_2024
Bureau: Information Technology (IT)Location: Syracuse, NYDeadline: Ref No.: ITB_PUGS_2024
Bureau: Information Technology (IT)Location: Latham, NYDeadline: Ref No.: ITB_PUGS_2024

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  • From the list below, click on the position title or “View/Download Application” to see the full job posting.
  • Review the posting to find out more about job duties and qualifications.
  • Application instructions are in the "How to Apply" section of the posting.
  • Use the link provided in the posting to submit your application online.
  • Provide the required information and documents, then click "Submit."
  • You will receive an email receipt for each application you submit.
  • Each application you submit for a job is reviewed independently.
  • Bureaus contact applicants directly to schedule interviews.

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