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* These are unpaid opportunities;candidates are encouraged to seek funding from outside sources.

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How to Apply: Unless otherwise indicated in the posting, all applications for the job categories indicated above must be submitted online. Click on the Adobe PDF icon to open the posting details for a particular job.  Review the job description and position qualifications.  At the bottom of the posting you will find instructions outlining the application submission process as well as an embedded link to the online application page—please click this link. Once arriving at the online application page, enter or select information for all of the required fields, browse and upload the required documents and then click the submit button to complete the process. 

You will receive an email receipt for each application you submit. Your application will be reviewed and you will contacted if the Bureau wishes to pursue your candidacy. If you have applied for multiple positions, please note that an independent determination will be made on each application.

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Undergraduate & Graduate Student Positions

Bureau Title Location Ref No Deadline
All Divisions Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Legal Internships - Statewide Volunteer Undergraduate & Graduate (Non-Law) Students Statewide  See Posting
Environmental Protection Summer Graduate/Undergraduate Student Science/Policy Internship Albany  See Posting
Real Estate Finance Summer Archiving & Records Management Intern New York City  REF/RM_NYC_VUGS_SLIP_2019
Medicaid Fraud Summer Volunteer Undergraduate/Graduate Summer Accounting Intern Hauppauge  MFC_ACC_HAU_VUGS_SLIP_2019
Labor Summer Undergraduate/Graduate Data Analysis and Research Internship New York City  See Posting
Environmental Protection Graduate Student Science/Policy Internship New York City  See Posting
Environmental Protection Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Internship Albany  See Posting
Charities Summer Accounting Intern New York City  See Posting
Division of Criminal Justice Accounting Intern (Spring or Summer 2019) New York City  See Posting
Division of Criminal Justice Accounting Intern (Spring or Summer 2019) Albany  See Posting
Legal Education Summer Internship New York City  LEPD_NYC_VUGS_SLIP_2019
Legal Education Summer Internship Albany  LEPD_ALB_VUGS_SLIP_2019
Taxpayer Protection Spring Internship New York City  TPB_NYC_VUGS_FA/SP_2018-19
Internet Paid Undergraduate & Graduate Student Interns New York City  BIT_PUGS_NYC_2018-19
All Divisions Summer Law Internship Program 2019 - Volunteer Undergraduate and Graduate Students (Non-Law) - Statewide Statewide  See Posting March 15, 2019
Utica Regional Office Student Consumer Representative (Paid Part-Time Student Intern) Utica  UTC_PUGS_2018-19
Real Estate Finance Architecture Internship New York City  REF_NYC_VUGS/ARCHT_2018-19
Consumer Frauds Student Mediator (Paid Part-Time Student Intern) New York City  CFB_PUGS_2018-19
Legal Recruitment Spring Recruitment Intern New York City  LRB_NYC_VUGS_FA/SP_2018-19
Info Tech Information Technology Intern (Fall/Spring 2018-19) Troy  IT_TROY_VUGS_FA/SP_2018-19