Volunteer Attorney Program/Post-Graduate Opportunities

The Attorney General has established a Volunteer Attorney Program (VAP), whereby an attorney may serve as an Assistant Attorney General. Volunteer attorneys will not receive any compensation or benefits from the Department of Law. Candidates who possess professional expertise and accomplishment as well as lawyers seeking experience in the public sector are eligible to apply for the VAP. Each candidate for the VAP must submit a cover letter indicating work location and bureau preference, resume and a writing sample to the Legal Recruitment Unit.

Recent law graduates (with or without funding from their law schools) and deferred associates are also welcome to apply for the VAP.

These applicants must either be

  1. admitted to the New York State bar;
  2. awaiting admission to the New York State bar;
  3. awaiting New York State bar exam results;
  4. or preparing to sit for the next scheduled New York State bar exam.